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Sex in the morning turned out to be very very beneficial to your health, even better than you should drink tea or coffee in the morning. Here's some of the benefits of sex in the morning:

a. it turns out according to a study of sex in the morning will make you happier and pleased when going through activities, and will also reduce stress while doing the activity or work outside the home.

b. Sex in the morning will also help release the hormone oxytocin that will make you and your partner to be more cordial.

c. According to research, people who have sex in the morning tend to be healthier and also more rarely affected by fever.

d. and again according to a study of sex in the morning can make quality hair and also your nails grow nice.

2. the KISS

Kissing is such a sex that is simple but very romantic. Here are the benefits of kissing:

a. Kissing making facial muscles become toned, the experts said "the moment we kissed, we have been using 30 facial muscles, which will make your cheeks become toned"

b. Kissing make you relax in a natural way, because while you are exchanging saliva then you increase the dopamain, a hormone that makes you and your partner become romantic.

c. Kissing helps you to burn calories 2-6 calories/minute. Maybe if you keep doing the kiss while making love, you might burn half the handle chocolate you've been eating.


Maybe you guys think oral sex is pretty bad, but you know that oral sex is beneficial for the cardiovascular health of women .


The Moon is actually always show the same side. And she said, according to the people, on the other hand, there is a dark Moon bases for aliens out there. Researchers have tried to examine the dark side of the moon with robotic spacecraft launched to search for the answer, but always just failed that the robot is sometimes therefore lost contact with server on Earth, and sometimes also get carried away by the storm.

And up to now the dark side of the moon has always been a mystery and conspiracy also for researchers and the general public also

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Deep Web

illustration of the deep web

This article is about the part of the World Wide Web not indexed by search engines. For the part of the World Wide Web which exists only in private networks, see Dark Web.

The Deep Web, also called the Deep Net,[1] Invisible Web,[2] or Hidden Web,[3] is the portion of content on the World Wide Web that is not indexed by standard search engines .

The contents of The Deep Web by yourself is very dangerous and it is not to publish publicly. There there are the business of prostitution, the sale of human beings, the assassin, the secret archives of the country, the mafia, drug sales, and places too great hackers. Therefore if you want to get into The Deep Web you must wear special software because there is also the goal of computer viruses.

How to enter into the Deep Web
You can use Tor Browser, here is a quote about the Tor Browser.

TOR Browser

One of the most secure way to access the deep web is using TOR Browser. TOR is the length of The Onion Router.

TOR is basically a web browser, has a way of working that is the same as other browsers such as Google Chrome, Yahoo, Bing, and others. However, TOR has a greater ability of them mainly for accessing information that cannot be found through Google and other search engines.

TOR can be called software such as a VPN that allows us to access the internet anonymously. Because in the deep web lots of hackers who can threaten the security of the Internet, then TOR can protect you from it.

When you run a TOR user's original connection to be transferred to the network belonging to the TOR. The network is encrypted so that it cannot be detected by any party from either the ISP or site that you visit.

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Famous Musicians Who Died At The Age Of 27 Years

1. Brian Jones (1969)

Forty years after his death, the case was re-investigated since the discovery of documents that contain new clues about his death, there are no details about the document.

2. Jimi Hendrix (1970)

Jimi Hendrix adlah Best Guitarist of All Time. Musicians who are born with the name Johnny Allen Hendrix died in London, 18 September 1970 morning. According to the autopsy, and also news of a friend - the friend Yang met on 17 Septembermalam Jimi Hendrix died at 3:00 early morning .Penyebabnya because Hendrix choked on his own vomit.

3. Janis Joplin  (1970)

Janis is one of the 27 club. He's a connoisseur of heroin and also other injections and stuff he died because of it. Janis is the Queen of Rock n Roll and Psychedelic Soul Queen, too.

4. Jim Morrison (1971)

He is the founder of the band The Doors, and he is also known for his poetry which is often read him on stage. James Douglas Morrison, was found dead in his flat in Paris on July 3, 1971. There is no evidence to explain about his death. The forensic team did not find any drug use. Finally believed her death in heart disease.

5. Kurt Cobain (1994)

Musician and songwriter from the United States known as the lead vocalist group grunge band, Nirvana.
Cobain known addiction to drugs and middle against severe depression he suffered.
In 1994, an electrician who came to install a security system at the residence of Cobain, found the body of the musician.
In Cobain's chest, police found a rifle and concluded Cobain died by suicide.

6. Ron McKernan (1972)

Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, keyboardist, singer and harmonica player, was one of the founding members of the Grateful Dead, a San Francisco Bay area band stand out. When his health began to deteriorate McKernan, he left the Grateful Dead in 1972. On March 8, 1973 Ron "Pigpen" McKernan was found dead as a result of stomach bleeding caused by years of heavy drinking.

7.Dave Alexander (1975)

Kicked out of The Stooges, Alex lost direction. Not many people know what he is doing, does not also create a new music project. Until he was found dead in her home. Alexander died of swelling in the lungs, caused by too much alcohol.

8. D Boon (1985)

Guitarist / vocalist of The Minutemen, D. Boon breathed his last on December 22, 1985 due to an accident when the band was undergoing his tour

9. Pete De Freitas (1989)

Pete de Freitas "Echo & The Bunnyman" : 2 Augustus 1961 - 14 Juni 1989 .

10. Jeremy M Ward (2003)'

Jeremy Michael Ward / The Mars Volta          5/25/03          Heroin overdosis.   


5 People Fools Who Ended Successfully

1. Aristotle Onassis

Formerly he was the naughty children in General, as the school she often ranked final and also often make a mess. Teachers and parents are very pessimistic towards him but my friend is very adored him. Early on he showed his talent in the trade and entrepreneurship as well. Now he has become a millionaire.

2. Albert Einstein

Who is not familiar with him? iyah right, he was a Professor of law with the famous relativitasnya.He's also been gorging on the nobel prize over the formula that he found. And who would have thought originally that he was "slow", even when he was little he was still difficult to speak. He is gifted with never had autism.

3.Chris Gardner

Do you know the movie or book Persuit Of Happiness? If you've watched or read it is a short story about Crish Gardner. He was not a highly educated man, but he has never fought and given up on all the trials he experienced. Now he became a successful millionaire, motivator, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and she also has a Gardner Rich & Co., a stock brokerage firm.

4.Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is a person who has been crowned as the youngest rich people in the world. Starting from a chat site for Harvard students and up to now used segai the site to the public and very bterkenal among adolescents is facebook, and do you know Mark never turned down an offer of Friendster who wants to buy up to 10 million US $, meaning approximately USD. 9,500,000,000 (exchange rate of Rp. 9,500), the offer from Viacom $ 750 million (Rp. 7,125,000,000,000) and the most surprising offer from yahoo one billion dollars (Rp. 9,500,000,000,000).

5.Bill Gates

William Henry Gates III, better known as Bill Gates is co-founder (along with Paul Allen) and chairman of US software company, Microsoft. He is also a philanthropist through his activities at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He occupies the first position in the world's richest man by Forbes magazine for 13 years (1995 to 2007) and did you know that he never became an office boy and also expelled from Harvard.

History Of Socks

allegedly, socks has been around since the days of the rock.
Certainly, the shape and the design is really different with hose attached in my legs today.
then, socks contrived of skin wound in the leg.
a proof found in ancient Egypt, knitting socks already appears 8th century BC that contrived socks from matted animal hair. These socks are worn by the comedian in that time.

later history of kian rolling.
in the middle ages, colored socks appear.
fabric coiled and supported by elastic ties on the feet.
the bonds were placed at the top of the socks from SAG.
When the socks in the Middle Ages it was used only by a handful of people only biased tajir.

in 1490, the shorts and the socks appears as a ' pair '.
both later appear as tight trousers.
contrived from silk colored, wool or velvet.
Enter the 15th century, the home of the knitting started springing up in France or Scotland.
until the year 1590 machine knitting ever contrived.
This growing support SOCKS makin plural usage.

17th century, cotton was more used for socks.
Americans also use wool and silk.
the color of the legs and use a nice silk.
Instead, people are not so just wear a wool tajir colour is just browned.
so, socks growing and many people wear. Ornament at the ankles which later acclaimed by the name of ' clocks ' became a hot fashion stuff in that time.

in the next century, both men and women use the socks made of silk or wool.
late 19th century Victorians, insisted in order for men to use socks with dark colors.
the more so after the death of Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, who died in 1861.
but in fact dark colors do not stop until here.
in the design revolution socks, dark color was deliberately designed for men's socks.

in 1930, a machine to make socks later returned.
machinery knitted socks contrived more sophisticated than before and no longer stitched together.

Julian Hill then found polymer 6.6.
This is the type of material used to make socks with a display that resembles silk.
two years later, in 1937, Du Pont's patented these findings.
whereas the company was commanded by Wallace Carothers.
well, frankly Wallace furious.
He finally shut down the company.

Synthetic fibers are then introduced at the world at the world's Fair in New York in 1939.
menjumput initials of NY New York aluas, then the fiber known as "nylon".
nylon socks first appear in outlets-outlets in New York on May 15, 1940. more than 72,000 pairs of bestselling sold on the first day.

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If The Earth Is Out Of Atsmofer

The atmosphere becomes ' umbrella ' during the day to protect the entire creature on Earth from heat grilling, while evening the atmosphere acts as a blanket to protect humanity from the ice. 

If the Earth's atmosphere is not available, then according to the calculations of the Earth's temperature at night so minus 273 degrees Celsius, which means that life on Earth will be extinct by means of freeze. 

What would happen if the Earth's atmosphere really disappeared, apart from the freezing of the Earth described above? This is what happened:

The Earth will be drought.
The Earth will be hit by a meteor storm hajaran easy.
Metabolic diseases run rampant.
There is no radio broadcasts.
Earth destruction because of the storm.
Living beings will be extinct.


If the layers are troposphere (the lowest layer of the atmosphere's reply) do not exist, then the Earth will experience drought, because this is the troposphere layer place the formation of clouds. 

Earth's atmosphere also protects the Earth from meteor attack. If the atmosphere is missing, then any meteors hit the Earth directly. 

The layer of the atmosphere called the ionosphere, reply serves to reflect radio waves. Imagine if this layer tdk is there then a man never can listen to news, information, music, or anything else through the medium of radio. 

The atmosphere we also withstand exposure to solar storms, from exposure to be detained by the atmosphere and the Earth's poles. But, if there were no atmosphere, then storm the Sun will be directly on the surface of the Earth. 

The Earth's atmosphere, which consists of the majority of nitrogen (78%), 20% oxygen, and 1% other gases, are required to live by the terms of all beings (humans, animals, plants). There is no atmosphere then all will die. 

That's the stuff that will be caused if the Earth's atmosphere does not exist. There are still many other bad things obviously worse than the things mentioned above. 

Take Care Of Our Earth.

Source: http://infoastronomy.co.vu