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History Of Socks

allegedly, socks has been around since the days of the rock.
Certainly, the shape and the design is really different with hose attached in my legs today.
then, socks contrived of skin wound in the leg.
a proof found in ancient Egypt, knitting socks already appears 8th century BC that contrived socks from matted animal hair. These socks are worn by the comedian in that time.

later history of kian rolling.
in the middle ages, colored socks appear.
fabric coiled and supported by elastic ties on the feet.
the bonds were placed at the top of the socks from SAG.
When the socks in the Middle Ages it was used only by a handful of people only biased tajir.

in 1490, the shorts and the socks appears as a ' pair '.
both later appear as tight trousers.
contrived from silk colored, wool or velvet.
Enter the 15th century, the home of the knitting started springing up in France or Scotland.
until the year 1590 machine knitting ever contrived.
This growing support SOCKS makin plural usage.

17th century, cotton was more used for socks.
Americans also use wool and silk.
the color of the legs and use a nice silk.
Instead, people are not so just wear a wool tajir colour is just browned.
so, socks growing and many people wear. Ornament at the ankles which later acclaimed by the name of ' clocks ' became a hot fashion stuff in that time.

in the next century, both men and women use the socks made of silk or wool.
late 19th century Victorians, insisted in order for men to use socks with dark colors.
the more so after the death of Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, who died in 1861.
but in fact dark colors do not stop until here.
in the design revolution socks, dark color was deliberately designed for men's socks.

in 1930, a machine to make socks later returned.
machinery knitted socks contrived more sophisticated than before and no longer stitched together.

Julian Hill then found polymer 6.6.
This is the type of material used to make socks with a display that resembles silk.
two years later, in 1937, Du Pont's patented these findings.
whereas the company was commanded by Wallace Carothers.
well, frankly Wallace furious.
He finally shut down the company.

Synthetic fibers are then introduced at the world at the world's Fair in New York in 1939.
menjumput initials of NY New York aluas, then the fiber known as "nylon".
nylon socks first appear in outlets-outlets in New York on May 15, 1940. more than 72,000 pairs of bestselling sold on the first day.

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