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10 Unique Facts About World War 1

1. The creation of the character of Dr. Dolittle .

    The character of Dr. Dolittle, a doctor who was able to speak and understand the animals we see in Hollywood movies turned out to be created from a trench during World War i. Author Hugh Lofting, is an army of Ireland. Lofting wrote and sent a letter to his children's picture from the trenches during World War I.

    Instead of telling the seramnya war is happening, instead Lofting sent stories about Dr. John Dolittle who is able to speak and understand animals. According to Lofting, she tells it better than telling the victorious wars are boring or horrible on the front lines of the war.

2. Produce a work of art.

    Severe pain due to World War I is also reflected in the work of art. Postwar works depicting the pain and illness. These works not only reflect the State of the soul of the artist, but also a State of the soul of an entire generation. A generation that felt due to the tribulations of a very profound war later dubbed "the lost Generation."

    As we have witnessed, the war is a great cruelty that the intermediary does not benefit any private or public. The war was a social catastrophe which caused great pain and incised wounds to humans, that will take a long time, if it can be cured.

3. American Indians and African Americans joined the war .

    American Indians are not given citizenship by the U.S. until 1924. But about 13,000 of them fought in world war i. on the other hand, about 200,000 people are African Americans also took part in the great war. However, only 11% of this amount that was directly involved in the fighting and those in separate units.

4. Tanks of World War I has sex.

    In the place where it was first created, the tank was originally known simply as "landship" ship or ashore. 
But in an attempt to fool the enemy, they later dubbed as the "tank", which means it is a container for storing water.

    Funny, during the World War I tank also has a gender. The male sex is a tank carrying the gun and the tank are women-sex with machine guns.

    The original tank prototype was named the Little Willie. United Kingdom tank in 1915 that his capacity for 3 person crew with the speed of 3 miles per hour (4.82 km per hour).

5. A very deep trauma attacking veterans.

    In 1918, World War I finally ended, after four years without an attack at the hands of soldiers to Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. 
This peace, however, expressed at 11 a.m., the eleventh day of the eleventh month, does not bring happiness to anyone. Hundreds of thousands of troops into the defect. Others proved unable to cope with the psychological impact of war because after living in a ditch full of mud, dirt, and dead bodies. Trauma shapes known as "shell shock" or "bomb shock" is very common among veterans of the war, and this causes the sufferer experiencing bouts of fear and shock. The fear of being bombed, they experience every day for four years in a row, has been etched in their minds. There are a few sufferers feel should immediately go into hiding just because the word ' bomb ' is mentioned. Some veterans even cringe every time they see the uniform. Tens of thousands of troops also lost one or more limbs in this war. This soldier is a soldier's eyes, Chin, or nose became disabled during the bombing, so mask specially created in Europe to hide their faces.

6. The US came late in the war.

    New in April 1917, the United States declared a plunge in world war i. previously, even though the war is already going on for long enough, the u.s. rarely gets involved in the war. 
This is because of the attitude of Us President Wilson Woodroe to remain neutral.

    However, President Wilson also finally uttered the phrase: "war to end all wars", while giving a speech before the u.s. Congress. Wilson talks to persuade Congress to approve a plan for war against Germany, and the U.S. eventually did. Reportedly, the total time of the U.S. battle in World War I is just about six or eight months.

7. The Strategy Of Germany.
   In early 1916, Germany developed a new plan to break down the line West. Their plan was suddenly attacked the town of Verdun, which is considered as the pride of the people of France. The purpose of this attack is not winning the war, but rather cause heavy losses on the part of
The armies of France thus weakening their resistance. Germany's Chief of staff Falkenhayn estimates that every single soldier Germany alone can kill three soldiers France.
The attack began on the 21st February. The leaders Germany ordered serdadunya to "come out of their trenches," but it turns out that many soldiers have been killed or dying. 
Although the assault lasted nonstop for months, Germany failed to occupy the Verdun. Overall, both sides lost about one million soldiers. And with the sacrifice, the front line only managed to advance approximately 12 kilometers. So a million people die for a dozen kilometres. 

8. The independence of women.

    Because men are busy fighting on the front lines of World War I, then perempuanlah which later became the head of the household. 
They do any work including jobs that previously only done man.They point out that they are also able to do the work of men. West found this as the beginning of the "independence" of women.

   In 1918, most of the United Kingdom women aged 30 years and above had been allowed to vote in parliamentary elections. While the United States recently followed two years later.

9. Became the starting point of the cold war.

    World War I into the outbreak of the old world order, marked the end of monarchical absolutism in Europe. 
He also was the trigger for the revolution in Russia, which will inspire other revolution in other countries such as China and Cuba, and will be the base for the cold war between the Soviet Union and the United States. (i.e. the scramble for influence of ideology and prolonged global political Unisoviet-United States and its allies on the Western Front).

10. Give birth to the largest in the history of Casualties of war.

    And this list of casualties from the countries involved in World War 1. But this is only recorded and no doubt many of the victims are not response or in terms of the number of casualties in the PD1lebih many of the list below:

Allies: 6.345.600
-Belgium: 13,700
-The British Empire: 908.000
* Australia: 60,000
* Canada: 55,000
* India: 25,000
* New Zealand: 16,000
* South Africa: 7,000
* United Kingdom: 715.000
-French: 1.354.000
-Greece: 5,000
-Italy: 650,000
-Japan: 300
-Romania: 336.000
-Russia: 1.700.000
-Serbia: 450,000
-United States: 50.600
The strength of the Us/Shaft: 3.382.500 
-Austria-Hungary: 1.200.000
-Bulgaria: 87,500
-Germany: 1.770.000
-The Ottoman Empire: 325,000
Civilians: 6.493.000 
-Austria: 300,000
-Belgium: 30,000
-United Kingdom: 31,000
-Bulgaria: 275.000
-France: 40,000
-Germany: 760,000
-Greece: 132,000
-Romania: 275.000
-Russia: 3,000,000
-Serbia: 655,000
-The Ottoman Empire: 1.005.000

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