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8 Facts About John Lennon


1. Like sleeping in a coffin 
      Allan Williams, manager at the beginning of the career of The Beatles, said this. Williams had an old coffin of decoration Lennon cafes are often used to take a nap.

2. The First Musical Instrument

     The banjo became the first musical instruments played. John Dykins, boyfriend of her mother, Julia, was the person who first taught it to play music. One evening John and his aunt visited the apartment Dykins. He saw the Dykins plays the banjo. John keen and have been taught to play it. In just 10 minutes John capable plays a tough tone on the banjo at the age of 7 years.

3. The members of The Beatles last to learn driving. 

     Lennon get new driving permit at age 24 years in 1965. But he then stopped driving and choose to use a driver after crashing the Aston-Martinnya in 1969. Lennon live 17 stitches due to injuries from the incident.

4. Cat Lovers

    Since childhood, he was very fond of cats. Starting from customs His mother, Julia, who like cats, so John went along. His first cat named Elvis Presley. Reported MentalFross.com, the number of pet cats John Lennon as a child reached 10 tails. When married to his first wife, Cynthia, he added two more tails.

5. Selfie With Kliier

    A few hours before Lennon was killed, had time to take pictures along with the killer while you sign the album Double Fantasy. The peminta signature is Mark David Chapman, the killer, too. Lennon was cremated and his remains to date Yoko Ono never revealing where his ashes.

6. Hate The Police

    Who killed his mother was known as a COP. The police officer was driving drunk when his car. Even so, he is free from any prosecution. John's not playing angry, why people like Julia who had no power can die by people who are supposed to protect the citizens. Lifetime John finally antipathy with power, he hated the State and its apparatus, including the police.

7. Love to play Monopoly

     The game is always carried when touring and always played at the hotel on the sidelines of a concert.Lennon did not care if he lost that game, as long as at the end of the game could have traded two places, namely Boardwalk and Park Place.

8. Never satisfied with the recording of The Beatles.

    To producer George Martin, Lennon even asked all the songs of all the Beatles records are repeated when the band almost broke up.

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